Laughing Bird Pho is reopening as of Thursday, June 18!
We will have limited indoor seating with online ordering (both for dine-in and carryout), plus outdoor seating on weekends only.

Order Online!

We are a locally owned restaurant specializing in pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), as well as a fabulous Vietnamese sandwich known as a banh mi.
We also serve a delicious homemade rice noodle salad and fresh spring rolls. That’s our whole menu!

What is pho?
Pho is a nutritious beef soup that’s loved the world over and is becoming more popular in the United States. It originated in Hanoi in northern Vietnam in the early twentieth century, but nowadays it can be found throughout the country and its neighbors Laos and Cambodia (with different regional twists) where people may eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our pho mostly follows the traditional Hanoi recipe of simmering an enormous kettle of beef bones for an entire day, with minimal additions of whole spices and seasonings.

When you place your order, your soup is made by adding rice noodles, aromatic herbs, vegetables, and rare steak, brisket, or other cuts of beef to a bowl; over all of this we pour the piping hot broth–it’s so hot so that the rare steak actually cooks as we bring it out to you. Each bowl also comes with a plate of fresh garnishes to further customize your dish: Thai basil, bean sprouts, peppers, and lime, and even sauces which you can add to your dish. You can eat pho every day (many people do!) and never grow tired of it.

Our goal is to be a delicious, healthy, and fun meal in downtown Staunton. And did we mention fast? Once each order is placed, we’ll try to bring you your meal within a minute or two. You can be back at work before your boss even knows you’re gone!

We’re open late,
so you can come in after your movie, play, concert, or unsuccessful home-cooked dinner. We serve craft beer too!

Wait–how do you say it?
Pronounce it like “fun” but without the “n.”  🙂