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Customers also give us lots of feedback in the shop. Here are some of our favorite customer comments so far:

“I eat at pho shops all over the place. This is the best broth I’ve ever had.”

“I work and travel back and forth all over the state, and I eat pho wherever I go. Yours is the first time I’ve ever finished all of the broth.”

“Best pho we’ve ever had ever.”

“I think your broth is even better tonight than it was for lunch today!”

“I went to [big city] and tried most of the pho places there. You’ve surpassed them all.”

“These are the best spring rolls we’ve been able to find anywhere.”

“You guys are the best thing to happen to Staunton since the Statler Brothers.”

“I grew up in Laos and this takes me right back home. Great job!”

“My seven-year-old son begs me to drive here from Charlottesville to come to Snapdragon.”

“This is the best meal we’ve ever eaten!”

“I think these are the best spring rolls I’ve ever tried. Fantastic! I love all the fresh veggies.”

“I lived in Asia for years, and I’ve eaten pho all over the place, and yours is perfect. It’s not too fussy, but it’s rich and delicious. The salad is great and the homemade dressing is excellent.”

“Wow, you simmer your broth for twelve hours? It really shows; the flavor is great!”

“Every time I come in here, it’s just a little bit better and better. You guys keep making positive changes every day.”

“It would be difficult to find pho better than this on the streets of Vientiane.”

“I used to live in Seattle and frequent this amazing little pho shop where no one spoke a word of English. Your pho is right up there with theirs.”

“Your pho doesn’t taste like it’s full of added sweeteners, chemicals, and MSG. I don’t feel gross after eating it.”

“I’m never cooking again. Thanks so much for bringing this to Staunton!”